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Academic Archive Policies


I.  Terms of Use


A.  Purpose

Academic Archive is Texas Wesleyan University’s institutional repository for the scholarly and creative content produced by the University. Content may be produced by Texas Wesleyan's faculty, staff, or student body.

The repository is designed to make content such as research, publications, and data freely and persistently available. Academic Archive may also house items of historic interest to the university.


B.  Accessibility

1.  Academic Archive is designed to make the content freely accessible for all.  It is not designed to house controlled or restricted content.

2.  Academic Archive content should be accessible to users through the library search programs, and through internet search engines. 

3.  Academic Archive should be listed in online directories, such as ROAR and OpenDoar. The information may also be gathered into finding aids and or linked to subject pages on the library, or to department web pages.

4.  Objects in Academic Archive should be accessible by a permanent url or handle.


C.  Privacy Policy

1.  The Eunice & James L. West Library and the IR staff are committed to preserving the privacy of contributors. Personal information collected by Academic Archive such as name, Wesleyan ID, email address, etc. will not be used for any purposes beyond the functioning of the system.

2. Academic Archive is run in compliance with Texas Wesleyan University’s Privacy Policy:


D.  Content Policy


1.  Collection Guidelines

a)  Academic Archive is a repository of freely available items of scholarly and academic interest.  It does not include popular, entertainment, or items of current personal information unless they are judged to be of academic, historical or archival interest.  Academic Archive content need not be ‘permanent’, but the items should have some enduring value.

b) Academic Archive content must consist of work completed during the contributor’s official affiliation with Texas Wesleyan University; the contributor must have been either employed by the university or enrolled as a student during the time the work was completed.

c)  Academic Archive content must be selected to meet the needs of the users.  The following items fit within the collection guidelines of the repository:

(i)  Faculty: research materials, publications, articles, books, databases, websites, scholarly project information, working papers, preprints, presentations, etc.

(ii)  Students: exceptional/award-winning work, which can include: published articles or materials, peer reviewed articles, honors thesis & dissertations, capstone projects or performances, faculty-led publications, special research or grant-funded projects, other publications at the request of the faculty.  Regular class papers are generally not included.  The faculty sponsor and the department with which the project is affiliated must both sign off on the project before it can be accepted and uploaded into AcademicArchive.

(iii)  Archival: campus publications, photos, policies (with a historical date stamp), catalogs, class schedules, documentation, etc.  The IR does not include student or health files, or other files that have restricted access.  It is not generally intended to house university records, such as department minutes, correspondence, etc.

(iv)  Campus (staff): university, department and library exhibits, event information, programs, special lectures, patents (where applicable), etc.

(v)  Commercial materials: Items that are commercially available should not be included unless they meet the copyright qualifications and are freely available.


2.  Organization

Academic Archive content is currently organized in three main categories: 1) faculty work, 2) student work (both further organized by the college and department the work is affiliated with), and 3) university archival digital collections.


3.  Metadata

a)  Simple Dublin Core metadata elements are provided by the contributor, gathered by the IR staff or a combination of both parties.

b)  Academic Archive metadata is in compliance with Eunice & James L. West Library standards.

c)  Each item in Academic Archive will have the following metadata elements (not all are required):


Relation (Collection affiliated with)*

Creator Status (Faculty, student, staff)*

School or College*





Faculty sponsor (student work only)*



Time Period


Description (Abstract)



Bibliographic Citation


Owning Institution*






Copyright Statement Link

Date Added*

License Agreement*

Creator ID*

Department sign off (student work only)*

Metadata Creator*

* Indicates elements that are required.
Grey highlights indicate elements that are hidden from the public interface.


4.  Accepted File Types

a)  The current IR software, CONTENTdm, can store any file format. It can also display any file format that can be displayed in a browser either natively or via a plug-in including:


b)  Items which do not have a viewer that is freely available should be converted to a standard format before inclusion.  Any exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis.



II.  Submission Policy


A.  Copyright

1.  All materials in Academic Archive must be either in the public domain or freely available to users.  If an item does have a copyright, it must allow viewers the right to view, download and print the content.

2.  For copyrighted materials, the contributor will contact the copyright holder for permission before including the materials. Documentation of such permission should be kept permanently.

3.  Any notifications of copyright infringement should be acted upon by the IR staff in conjunction with the university legal advisors.


B.  Copyright Use Information

1.  Items in Academic Archive will have a link to a copyright use statement. The statement is as follows:


© Texas Wesleyan University All rights reserved


The information available on this site, including any text, data, artwork, video, audio, images or graphics (collectively, the “Material”) may be protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Entities other than Texas Wesleyan University may own copyright in the Material.


We encourage use of this Material for non-profit and educational purposes, such as personal research, teaching and private study. For these limited purposes, Material from this web site may be displayed and printed, and all copies must include any copyright notice included with the Material.


Except as provided above, or any use beyond what is allowed by fair use (Title 17, § 107 U.S.C.), you may not reproduce, republish, post, transmit or distribute any Material from this web site in any physical or digital form without the permission of the copyright owner of the Material.


Inquiries regarding any further use of the Materials contained on this site, please contact IR Coordinator at: Texas Wesleyan University, 1201 Wesleyan St., Fort Worth, TX 76105, (817) 531-4805, e-mail


C.  Mediated Deposit Agreement

1.  The IR staff will deposit items on behalf of contributors. Contributors will sign a mediated deposit agreement at the time the item(s) are submitted to the IR staff.

2.  The IR staff will keep electronic or hard copies of the mediated submission licenses permanently.

3.  The mediated deposit agreement follows:


By signing below, you request mediated deposit of the item(s) on the attached bibliography and you, __________________________________________ [the author(s) or copyright owner] grant permission to Texas Wesleyan University the non-exclusive right to post your item(s) into the University’s institutional repository and allow Texas Wesleyan University the right to copy, store, perform, display, reproduce, or distribute the submission worldwide in any format or medium. You represent that the submission is original and that you have the right to grant the rights contained within this license.


If your submitted item(s) was previously published or contains material for which you do not hold copyright, you confirm that (i) you have obtained the necessary permission of the copyright owner or publisher for the rights required by this license, (ii) a copy of such permission will be retained in your records, and (iii) such third-party material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the submission. You also represent that your submission does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe anyone else’s copyright.


If the submission is based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organization other than Texas Wesleyan University, you represent that you have fulfilled any right of review or other obligations required by any contract or agreement with such agency or organization.


Texas Wesleyan University will clearly identify your name(s) as the author(s) or owner(s) of the submission, and will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this license, to your submission. You will retain all rights to your submission.




Author__________________________________________________ Date ______________________________



D.  Withdraw Policy

1.  Academic Archive is designed to make content freely and persistently available. However, the following circumstances may merit the withdrawal of items:

a)  An article is published with a publisher which does not allow earlier versions to be available.

b)  A more recent version of the item is made available by the creator and the creator requests the IR staff replace the old version.  Thesis and Dissertations are not exchangeable, but a second edition can be uploaded to AcademicArchive.

c)  A copyright owner contacts Texas Wesleyan University and/or the IR staff and requests an item be withdrawn from public view due to copyright violations.

2.  Any exceptions to the circumstances stated above will be handled on a case by case basis.

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